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Our ceramics courses
La Gioconda organizes courses on request for individuals and groups.
La Gioconda

La Gioconda – from Renaissance to contemporary art

La Gioconda is a typical ceramics workshop, established in Deruta in 1963. Their products are entirely hand-made by master-craftsmen, and carry the hallmark of a century-long tradition.

Throughout the years love of art and curiosity for innovations, brought La Gioconda to confront themselves with new designs, different styles and techniques.
The cooperation with world-known artists made classical products stand side by side with original pieces of exclusive taste and contemporary design. Since 1984 La Gioconda make ceramics designed by Sol Le’Witt. In the last two decades they also produced limited-edition pieces designed by Alighiero Boetti, Marco Tirelli, Piero Raspi and Tristano di Robilant.


A place where any idea can take shape and color.

La Gioconda open up their workshop to become a cultural meeting-point for the world of ceramics. A unique place where to discover, learn, experiment and make.

L’atelier is a place where to try out new artistic techniques, to exchange ideas, experiences, emotions through happenings, workshops, exhibitions.

La Gioconda workshop and their ceramics masters are available to artists coming from different experiences to assist them develop and produce their own projects through different means of expression.


La Gioconda run courses of ceramics for those who want to learn about the art and tradition of ceramics in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

For singles
ArtisticaMente. Ceramics art-masters will lead you through a unique experience: by watching, listening and making you will be carried through an emotional and entertaining journey in the world of ceramics.

For companies
The course Art Experience is meant for companies. Art becomes a strategy for team-building. The program of the course is made by experts of management and development of human resources, and is tailored to the specific requests of each company.


La Gioconda di Veschini Claudia

Via Girolamo Li Causi 8 
 06053 Deruta (PG) Italy
tel. 075 9710080 – fax 075 9710080 
P.I. 00202540548

La Gioconda – Via Girolamo Li Causi 8 – 06053 Deruta (PG) – tel. 075 9710080 – fax 075 9710080 – email – P.I. 00202540548

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